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School transport in the USA can be challenging more so in Idaho. Most schools find it complicated to balance all the administration work and student’s travel plans. During extreme weather conditions especially, you want to ensure that each kid gets home on time and is picked on time. That’s the only way parents will be comfortable with entrusting their kids to you. But, what happens if this becomes overwhelming? We at Action Charter Bus Boise have considered your need. We not only provide you with great buses. We offer you convenient, efficient and personalized services based on your institutions’ requirements.
Rent a school bus

Rental Procedure

Our rental procedures are simple and can be re-visited whenever there is a need to. We understand school transport is special and we will treat it with the sensitivity it deserves.

Our buses schedules are always up to date; you will not have to worry about last minute calls. You can always access our office contacts for policies, guidelines and price list.

Quality Rides

Our buses are well maintained and frequently serviced. You can test them and re-confirm this with our team before signing the agreement.

We don’t just offer transport, we offer comfort. We are concerned about your child’s convenience to and from school.


Action Charter Bus Boise takes in all types of clients; short-term (even single day hire) and long-term. Our terms are favorable and we are open for negotiation depending on specific client needs.

With Boise, you can have an option to seamless transport from one college to another during college tours. Instead of depending on public transport to navigate new places alone, you can get a professional driver to transport you.

During extra-curricular activities, for instance, college tours, club events, sports days, the chaperons, students, and teachers can book a bus for the specific occasion.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are not just trained in their job, they are also trained to maintain our values. They strictly follow each route and inform in case of diversions. They are also good at timekeeping; they buckle the seat belt throughout the trips and are careful to follow every road rule. We also handle wedding transportation so we understand the rules of the road.

Our drivers treasure road rules and therefore do not drive at high speed, slow down at rail crossings and observe traffic rights.

Customer Service

We treat our customers with utmost professionalism; we have our bus agents ready to receive your requests 24/7. Our staff members are welcoming and get you quick responses to your requests.

We follow up on our customer complaints (if any) and resolve them quickly.

You have reason to choose our services because Boise charter bus Rental Company is a premier travel service provider. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We have careful drivers who respect the students.
  • Our buses are well maintained and not likely to fail the schedule.
  • We ensure that we stick to the road rules.
  • We also ensure we map routes that are convenient for the children and follow them.
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